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What You Should be Doing RIGHT NOW (if you are a President, a Trustee, or an Advancement Vice Presid

Assuming your institution is on the typical July 1 to June 30 fiscal year, you have two business days left before the books are closed on FY’19. What should you be doing RIGHT NOW? If you’re the VP for Advancement, you should have date-to-date comparisons for the number of FY donors, dollars, unpaid pledges, andLYBUNTs (donors who gave Last Year But Not This). You should know who the LYBUNTs and outstanding pledgers are and how to reach them. You should have a gift stratification table of these people so you can prioritize them. And you should have your team hitting the phones to close these gifts before the books slam shut. You should have a voice mail system in place to route calls to a live person if they come in at the eleventh hour. If you’re the President, you should expect your VP for Advancement to brief you on all the above information. And you should be ready, willing, and able to make the calls to those key donors who haven’t made their gifts yet, but who will come through if they hear from the President personally. If you’re a Trustee, especially if you are the Board Chair or serve on the Development Committee, you should be in touch with the President and the VP for Advancement to help make calls. You should make sure your own gift is in, and you should be working the phones to ensure that every Trustee has made a gift by the time the books slam shut. Ending the year on a triumphant note is a team effort. Get to work everybody! And if you have additional strategies for ending the fiscal year successfully - chime in with a comment.