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  • Executive Coaching. We work with Presidents, new and experienced, as they adjust to shared governance with a board and faculty at a new institution.  We suggest enhancements to their leadership style and possibilities for strengthening their relationship with a board chair and other board members and/or faculty leadership.  We discuss hiring and best practices for developing a senior leadership team and assess (candidly and confidentially) management style.  



  • Assessments.  We work with Board leadership to review current policies and practices, solicit candid feedback from board members and senior leadership, suggest improvements, provide guidance as to best practices, and flag areas where communication and cooperation among board members and with senior officers can be strengthened.



  • Coaching and Communication.  Leadership transitions at the Board level, Presidential/Chancellor level, or Vice President/Chancellor level represent moments of risk and opportunity for institutions.  We work with institutional leadership (trustees, presidents, vice presidents)  to ensure that communications are open and effective; that there is consensus about priorities and direction; and that incompatibilities in managerial style are recognized and addressed before they become problematic.

  • The Presidential Search. We advise boards, board chairs, and presidents-elect on the presidential search process, the hiring of an executive search firm, the composition of a search committee, the respective roles of the board chair and the search chair, accommodating the interests of the president's spouse, and the renovation of a president's house.



  • Effective leaders never stop learning.  We provide coaching and feedback services that enable boards to express and evaluate their impressions of institutional leaders in a mediated, collegial manner, and that enable senior leaders to improve their management skills in ways that they and/or the board think most important.  We can also manage leadership evaluation processes that assure objectivity and candor to both institutional officers and board members.

  • Best practice hiring.  We advise on hiring institutional senior leaders including the composition and processes of  Search Committees, the selection and role of search firms, and the introduction of new leadership to a senior management team, the board, and the campus community.



  • To succeed, institutions must have a clear vision for how to achieve their mission, select the right priorities, and set pragmatic, realistic plans for accomplishing their goals.  We work with senior institutional leaders to design an inclusive and consultative planning process that engages appropriate stakeholders and results in a plan with clear, measurable goals.

  • We work with institutional leaders to review existing strategic plans, assessing whether they are still appropriate for the institution, whether they are being successfully implemented, and how they can be modified or strengthened to maximize institutional success.



  • We are deeply experienced in building effective Advancement programs that maximize philanthropic support from institutional stakeholders.  We work with senior institutional leaders to review management structure and fundraising strategies and results, to advise on best practices, and to evaluate the adequacy of program staff and resources.  We are willing to work with Trustees, CEOs, or Chief Advancement Officers to assess and strengthen the overall advancement effort.

  • Building a culture of philanthropy.  We assess and advise on institutional appetite for philanthropy.  We advise on the selection and role of outside fund raising counsel, institutional investment in Advancement, and the role of the president and board in philanthropy.



  • We conduct comprehensive reviews of institutional Advancement programs to assess strengths and areas of potential improvement and investment.