Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of education to enhance the lives of individuals, strengthen communities, and enrich societies.  An educated citizenry -- with the ability to distinguish fact from opinion, comprehend complex challenges, make informed decisions, create new knowledge, and solve emerging problems – is fundamental to the success of every nation.  We have experienced these benefits personally and have committed our professional careers to extending them to others.


We value the vitality and effectiveness of a diverse educational universe in which public and private secondary schools, colleges and universities thrive by embracing a broad range of missions, cultures, and traditions and serve the widest possible variety of students, scholars, and researchers.


We are convinced that successful educational institutions must be well managed, and that excellent management requires strategic thinking, prudent governance, effective leadership, and broad based support from their stakeholders.


We have worked with a variety of institutions, from secondary schools to small liberal arts colleges to large public universities to build the capacities of boards, senior leadership, and institutional advancement programs.  We realize that each institution is different, and that every institution’s needs are unique and change over time.  Approaches that worked a decade ago may no longer be effective.  Assumptions that were safe last year may be mistaken today. Our approach is to work with individual secondary schools, colleges, and universities to focus on their current challenges and future aspirations and assist boards and senior leaders to create smart strategies and strong teams in pursuit of institutional goals.